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The Tropical Experience

As an artist, my intent is to open the viewer’s awareness of a peaceful, intimate space inside his or her own consciousness to release stress and provide healing harmony.

Part of my process before I begin a painting is to thoroughly research the subject I plan to recreate on canvas, because I want to accurately depict with paint the natural beauty I see in the world around me.

Viewing art touches inner aspects of our being and promotes deep physical, emotional, and mental healing. I do not merely want to capture the image with my brushes; rather, with deliberate, colorful strokes, I want to transport my viewers to a tranquil place.

Tropical Wildlife

My tropical wildlife paintings are meant to bring nature indoors to create tranquility by portraying peaceful images of the birds and animals that are an integral part of the tropical scenery. I work to capture nature to provide a sense of wellbeing and serenity.

Growing research shows how interaction with animals and viewing their images contributes to human healing. A partnership between a zoo and a children’s hospital offers comfort and a welcome diversion to young patients by allowing them to watch videos of the zoo’s animals on television. Service dogs visit hospitals and care facilities to interact with patients; canine companions assist active military and nurture injured veterans, and are valued members of police forces. Animals add to the quality of our lives in untold ways.

The tropical experience would not be complete without wildlife adding movement, color, and sound to the landscape.

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