Commissioned Art

Artist Betty Laur accepts commissions to make your vision a reality. She works with you
along the way to make sure you get the result you envision.
Presented here are examples of completed commissioned art projects.


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1928 Hurricane Painting Exhibit
For the 80th anniversary of the 1928 hurricane, Betty was commissioned by the Historical Society of Palm Beach County, Florida to create an image of the wall of water that destroyed Lake Okeechobee’s southern levee and flooded coastal areas to the south, devastating the area all the way to West Palm Beach. The storm resulted in approximately 2,000 deaths, the second worst natural disaster in U. S. history. Her challenge was to depict the storm surge at almost its 8-foot height to provide a realistic sense of scale for a 5-month exhibit at the Johnson History Museum in West Palm Beach, and then to use as a teaching tool for 4th graders in the county’s schools, as they learned about this event. She did this by painting the wave on a 8’ high x 4’ wide plywood board, and it was exhibited with an actual water marker that showed the height of the wave. She researched each object shown in the water to assure they existed locally in 1928.

This 24” x 36” oil painting on canvas was commissioned by a client for his wife as a surprise Christmas gift. It shows her beloved horse, Frosting, with her new foal, in a south Florida pasture setting. This was created from photographs provided by the client. He reported the surprise was a complete success--that his wife was thrilled, and moved to tears.

Frosting & Lilly

Frosting & Lilly
Oil on canvas 24" x 36"

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